Istock promo code: latest codes, history and their importance

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The aim of this article is to discuss the use of istock promo codes in detail – what they are, why they are useful and whether or not it is worth spending the time to search for one before purchasing stock images or video content from

Before we get into the specific use of istock promo codes its worth looking at the background of stock media in general and why it is so important as well as being favourable over royalty free media.

The history and uses of stock media

vaulted-cellar-258906_640The use of stock media whether it be imagery, video or any other type of content has been around since the beginning of the Internet – in fact even longer, it has been around since the beginning of digital publishing in general.

The reason that stock media is so useful largely relates to the fact that its far more cost effective and also convenient to use an image that someone else has already spent time putting together than it is to create your own version of the image. The usual problem with this would be the fact that you can’t always find the exact image that you need, however the stock media industry has helped to solve this problem by bringing together stock media from all around the world thereby ensuring that you can always find the exact content that you need.

How about free stock media sites?

skydiving-678168_640Of course if you use a free stock media website such as Pixabay then you won’t have any need for an istock promo code because you won’t be spending any money in the first place. These sites can be very useful for finding stock media, especially when you are on a tight (or non-existent) budget, however they do have their downfalls. One of the biggest issues with these free sites is the fact that the selection of content is far more limited – there is much less media to choose from and therefor you are less likely to find exactly what you want. You will also often see on these sites that the better looking images are from a selection of premium content that is not available for free.

The second disadvantage to these free stock image sites is the fact that they are free and that everyone can use the images contained on them. What does this mean? Well, it means that any image you happen to use will probably already be published hundreds if not thousands of times elsewhere on the web. This really takes away from the quality and uniqueness of what a stock image is really meant to be.


We have established that wherever possible you should always budget for premium stock images where possible – this is especially relevant when you are creating online publications such as guest posts and in fact website publications in general. The reason being is that the higher quality stock media can really add to the impact of your publication and this in turn can help with growing the readership and ultimately increase conversions.

Once you agree that quality is what you need there is no better place to visit that

Istock photo is one of the recognised industry leaders when it comes to stock photography and has some of the highest quality stock media available on the internet.

The advantages of using istockphoto are clear:

  • A huge database of stock media including photography, vector images and video stock
  • A very user friendly interface
  • A stock media search engine that can filter media by various different metrics
  • Very high quality standards
  • Very wide range in types of content that are available
  • Regular discounts available

Regular discounts through the use of an istock promo code

offer-706850_640This is an important point to highlight and is one of the great benefits of using a site like Of course the media has to be paid for – but that’s the way it has to be with premium content – however the great thing about istock is the fact that there are always discounts, coupons and promo codes available.

Even as this article is being written there are several promotional offers on, for example:

  • 12ISTOCK12 – use this istock promo code to get 12% off of credit packs of 12 or more. This offer is even available for existing customers of istockphoto.
  • 14ISTOCK6 – This offer is specifically for new customers of istock and will give you 14% off any purchase of 6 credits or more.
  • ZYWPC46N – This gives new and existing customers a whopping 15% off of annual subscriptions.
  • 9PTPC46N – a sizable 15% off of monthly subscriptions and again this one is available for both new and existing customers.

Why use an istock promo code?

There is almost no need to ask the question. When purchasing images from istockphoto it isn’t like some other services where there are only very occasionally offers available; there are always offers available for istockphoto. So the point is if you don’t look for an istockphoto promo code then you are literally paying a premium and your stock media will cost more than what everyone else is paying for the same content.


There are a few key points that you should take away from this article, they are as follows:

  • Always budget for premium stock media when possible
  • Always use a recognised service provider like
  • Always look for a promotional coupon code to ensure you get the right discount
Istock promo code: latest codes, history and their importance